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Hervorhebungen: Partner*innen des food4future-Forschungsverbundes.

Abreu, L., Koebach, A., Díaz, O., Carleial, S., Hoeffler, A., Stojetz, W., Freudenreich, H., Justino, P. and Brück, T. (2021). Life With Corona: Increased Gender  Differences in Aggression and Depression Symptoms Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Burden in Germany. Front. Psychol. 12:689396.

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Heitger, A., Biedermann, S., Niewöhner, J. (2021): More-Than-Human Eating. Reconfiguring Environment | Body | Mind Relations in the Anthropocene. In: Berliner Blätter 84, 35–48.
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Gocht, A., Consmüller, N., Thom, F. and Grethe, H. (2021) Economic and Environmental Consequences of the ECJ Genome Editing Judgment in Agriculture. Agronomy.

Ahern M, Thilsted SH, Oenema S, Cartmill MK, Brandstrup Hansen SC, Doumeizel V, Dyer N, Frøyland L, Garrido-Gamarro E, Kühnhold H, Mohammed E, Penarubia O, Pptin P, Sharan S, Utheim Iversen A, Uyar B, Vannuccini S, War and Zhou X. (2021) The Role of aquatic foods in sustainable healthy diets. UN Nutrition.
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Henning, T., Weber, D. (2021) Redox biomarkers in dietary interventions and nutritional observation studies - From new insights to old problems. Redox Biology (in press)

Manlosa, A.O., Hornidge, AK. & Schlüter, A. (2021) Aquaculture-capture fisheries nexus under Covid-19: impacts, diversity, and social-ecological resilience. Maritime Studies.


Hervorhebungen: Partner*innen des food4future-Forschungsverbundes.

Gocht A., Consmüller N., Thom, F., Grethe H. (2020).“Economic and environmental consequences of the ECJ genome editing judgement in agriculture.”, No 150, Thünen Working Papers from Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute, Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries.
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Freudenreich H., Demmler K. M., Fongar A., Jäckering L. (2020). Effective interventions to increase food and nutrition security in response to Covid-19. Policy Brief: Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit (BMZ) und Entwicklung und Deutsches Evaluierungsinstitut der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (DEval).
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Ojha, S.; Bußler, S.Schlüter, O. K. (2020) Food waste valorisation and circular economy concepts in insect production and processing. Waste Management. 

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