FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about food4future

What is food4future?

How is the project funded?

How is the research consortium structured?

How can I participate in food4future?

How can I participate in food4future as a student?

Where do I find publications of the research project?

Who is the press contact for the food4future project?

On wich (social) media platforms is food4future active?

What are the extreme scenarios "No Land" and "No Trade"?

Which developments promote the occurrence of the scenarios?


Research Field I

Why jellyfish, crickets, salt plants (halophytes) and macroalgae?

Are foods containing f4f organisms already commercially available?

Where will the food4future model organisms be cultivated?

Urban Bio Spaces

Research Field II

What are "Urban Bio Spaces"?

Which materials are suitable for the design of "Urban Bio Spaces"?

Smart Nutrition & Sensor Technology

Research Field III

What is Smart Nutrition and what does it have to do with sensor technology?

How can the nutritional status of a person be determined?

How do the studies work? Can I participate?

Why does food4future study carotenoids?

Can people in industrialized countries also suffer from malnutrition?

Social Science Analysis

Research Field IV

How can food choices or decision behavior be studied?

How can we study eating practices?

What do the f4f extreme scenarios imply for agricultural production?