Leibniz in the Bundestag

Talk about the world with experts from the Leibniz Association. And understand.

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Photo: Screenshot Leibniz Community website graphics: https://lnkd.in/d2nQwNdH - 14.06.2024 (csm_leibniz-im-bundestag_5deac296f7)

For fifteen years, the Leibniz Association has been offering members of the German Bundestag individual discussions with scientists from the Leibniz Institutes in the “Leibniz in the Bundestag” format.

Bundestag member Alexander Engelhard, MdB, and food4future project coordinator Prof. Dr. Monika Schreiner (Agricultural Systems of the Future) talks about ways of sustainability and the transformation of agricultural and food systems:


Where are the strongest levers for a successful transformation of agrifood systems? How do we avoid national and European isolated solutions when it comes to climate protection? How can agrifood systems be designed sustainably - not only from an ecological perspective, but also from an economic and social perspective?



  • With its environmentally friendly and future-oriented measures and innovations, Germany plays a leading role in the EU.
  • However, measures to minimize CO2 would have to be organized in such a way that they have a sustainable global impact.
  • To achieve this, we continue to need more research and technical innovations.