Anniversary Celebration and Seminar Room Opening of the Bad-Saarow Spa

Relax and Recharge, Pain Therapy and Sustainable Treatment Concepts, Wellness and Beauty at SaarowTherme and henceforth also food4future Algae Cultivation

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Photo: Ms. Steffi Werner (Authorized Officer of Bad Saarow Kur GmbH), Dr. Anna Fricke (Scientist, IGZ, Food4future), Axel Walter (Managing Director of Bad Saarow Kur GmbH) - Photographer: G. Kopprio

The anniversary celebration of the Bad Saarow Spa was a complete success. food4future scientist Dr. Anna Fricke was invited to the spa's 25th anniversary in Bad Saarow and presented her brine-based algae cultivation. Together with her team at the Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops, Anna Fricke has established a fascinating land-based indoor algae farming project, making food4future now a part of the future strategy of the Bad Saarow Spa.

A heartfelt and enormous thank you goes to Mr. Axel Walter, Managing Director of Bad Saarow Kur GmbH, for his time, interest, and commitment to the food4future algae project.

SaarowTherme welcomes 225,000 visitors annually, who enjoy the diverse offerings such as the thermal bath, sauna, health promotion, pain therapy, and wellness. Nestled on the shores of Lake Scharmützel in Bad Saarow, SaarowTherme offers a place of well-being and deep relaxation. In the future, visitors will be able to experience sustainable, circular algae production directly on-site and benefit from the intended innovative regional products. "With our innovative approach to producing healthy sea vegetables regionally and sustainably, food4future is now officially part of the future orientation of the spa," says Dr. Anna Fricke.

We would like to congratulate SaarowTherme on its 25th anniversary and look forward to continued successful collaboration.

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