From Farm to Fork - The Falling Walls Lab Factory on Bioeconomy

food4future at the alumni workshop

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At the beginning of June, the annual Falling Walls Lab Factory alumni workshop took place, in which the participants of the Falling Walls Lab competition from previous years came together from all over the world. The three-day Spring School explored the subject of Bioeconomy and followed the path of food from producers to consumers - "From Farm To Fork" - from different perspectives.
food4future contributed with two workshops.

The collaborative project attracted the attention of the organizers. So the food4future central office, Prof. Monika Schreiner, Dr. Babette Regierer and Julia Vogt supported by the coordination office "Agricultural Systems of the Future" with Dr. Philip Albers (all from the Leibniz Institute ofVegetable and Ornamental Crops, IGZ) agreed to offer an input.

The workshop on future sustainable food systems, jointly devised by deputy coordinator Dr Regierer and J. Vogt, started with a question for the participants about the most important food trends in the coming years and an introduction to food4future. It focused on the two scenarios "No Land" and "No Trade", which serve as starting and reference points for technical innovations and social science analyses of the research project. On the basis of these two scenarios, the participants discussed ideas and solutions for the design of future food production together with the food4future team, also taking into account possible influences of the extreme settings on society. The "Lab Alumni" contributed a wide range of different expertise.

Myriam Preiss from the Innovation Management of the FU Berlin and co-responsible for the food4future participation project, also led a workshop. The public discourse on future prospects is often negatively influenced, and so Myriam Preiss challenged the participants to imagine a a positive future (‘Could the future be good?’). The results were recorded in the form of a fictional front page of a newspaper.