Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften

22.06.2024 | 17.00 - 23.59 Uhr - Long Night of Sciences In Berlin and Potsdam

Haus der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, Chausseestraße 111, 10115 Berlin, 22.06.2024 · 17:00 - 23:59 Uhr
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Graphik: elektronaut x studio gid
Graphik: elektronaut x studio gid

Invitation to the Long Night of Sciences 2024

The Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops (IGZ) is pleased to participate once again in the Long Night of Sciences. Join us at the Leibniz Community House in Berlin-Mitte!

Plant Temperature Sensors: Research for the Future

Plants cannot protect themselves from weather influences, so they have developed mechanisms to cope with heat and cold. At IGZ, we are investigating how plants perceive temperatures and integrate these signals into their growth. This research contributes to breeding climate-resistant crops. Learn more about the innovative methods and molecular puzzle pieces our scientists use in their quest for temperature sensors at the Long Night of Sciences.

Sustainable Nutrition: Insights into the Leibniz Research Network

Global food systems are crucial for human and environmental health. However, the growing world population and climate change pose significant challenges. The Leibniz Research Network "Green Nutrition - Healthy Society" is developing scientific solutions for the transition to optimal and sustainable nutrition. Three partner institutes will showcase their exciting projects: the German Institute of Human Nutrition, the Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops, and the Leibniz Institute for Food Systems Biology.

IGZ focuses on research into the cultivation and utilization of marine macroalgae as alternative food sources, part of initiatives like the BMBF-funded collaborative project "food4future" since 2019.

Long Night of Sciences (LNDW)

Since 2001, LNDW has been held in Berlin and Potsdam. From 5 PM to midnight, visitors can expect over 1,000 program points. The event is organized and financed by participating scientific institutions and numerous partners. Tickets are available online and at selected locations on the day of the event.